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Here’s a comprehensive guide for all Indian students who want to study abroad.


Why Study in Germany

Germany is recognized as a land of ideas, known for its world-class education and technological prowess. Germany is the ideal destination drawing international students for excellent academics.

When you choose to study abroad in Germany, you will study in universities that boast highly acclaimed international degrees. 

Thousands of students travel to Germany annually to seek education in some of the world’s best academies of higher learning. 

Education in Germany for Indian students has proven to be highly beneficial.  Indian students who study in Germany join an international community of high achievers.

It is the most populous member state and the largest economy in the European Union. Despite world-class universities, there are several more benefits of studying in Germany as follow:

  • Globally recognized programs
  • Forefront in cutting edge technology
  • A world-class education at affordable costs
  • Free-tuition academics in most universities (very low fees at some)
  • Opportunities to live and explore
  • The powerhouse of Schengen countries
  • English-taught courses
  • Opportunity to explore Europe

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    Study Abroad Consultants for Education in Germany

    The need for overseas education consultants to study in Germany is increasing more than ever before. As more students opt for higher studies abroad, Maven Consulting Services, one of the best Germany Education Consultants in Bangalore for Indian Students, provides a complete suite of services that caters to all your educational and travel needs. Be rest assured that we can help you with your visa, flights, and accommodation. 

    Maven Consulting Services is India’s leading overseas education consultancy in Bangalore, providing consultation for students aspiring to seek education in Germany. We have helped more than 10,000+ Indian students study abroad, boasting a victorious 99% success rate.

    Our expert counselors provide independent and unbiased advice to help you make the best decision for your future.

    Working with foreign education consultants, you can be rest assured that they can direct you in choosing a German University best suited for your academic goals. 

    Students who wish to study overseas in Germany must first select a university of their choice. Students must ensure that they log onto the official website of the university to follow the admission guidelines. 

    Universities in Germany will require an entrance qualification, all school examination results, proof of your proficiency in the English language, valid identification, and a statement of purpose (SOP) and/or referral letters.

    The cost of studying abroad in Germany may defer from university to university depending on the grade of the university and the city it is situated in. 

    Students may pay up to €20,000 per year for master’s degrees at public universities in Germany and around €30,000 per year at private universities. 

    Certain universities, such as the University of Münster, Goethe University Frankfurt, and the University of Cologne, do not charge tuition fees. Administration fees, however, may apply. 

    A study abroad in Germany consultant will be able to best advise you on education costs so that you do not experience any difficulties. Students must also take into consideration the costs of stay and other expenses.

    Germany offers many scholarships to international students looking forward to Higher Education in Germany but cannot afford the fees.

    Here is a list of the most well-known scholarships for higher education in Germany sponsored by government or non-government agencies.

    1.  DAAD scholarship
    2.  Einstein International Postdoctoral fellowship
    3.  Heinrich Böll Scholarships for International Students
    4.  Humboldt Research Fellowships for Postdoctoral Researchers 
    5.  Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) Scholarships
    6.  DeutschlandStipendium National Scholarship Programme
    7.  Erasmus Scholarship Programs in Germany
    8.  The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarship

    Students can access the German Academic Exchange Service to learn more about official scholarships. 

    Scholarships are based on the country of origin. Seek the guidance of an expert study abroad in Germany consultant for guidance on scholarship applications.

    Blocked Account For Students Who Intend To Study in Germany

    Germany Blocked Account

    Germany remains to be one of the top destinations to gain education abroad. While the free education system and affordable living is a highly impressive opportunity for students worldwide, broadening one’s horizons is a significant factor that makes it even more attractive. Most people consider applying to foreign universities for the master’s program, and when it comes to going abroad, Europe presents itself as the most feasible opportunity. No matter where you travel in Europe, international students need to prepare all their documents prior. Germany requires its own set of requirements that candidates need to fulfil in order to secure their admissions and Student visas. One of the essential requirements is the blocked account.

    What is a blocked account?

    In order to study in Germany, students need to obtain a German student visa. However, some particular requirements need to be fulfilled in order to get a student visa. One of these is having a student blocked account. Having a blocked account confirms that you possess sufficient funds to cover all your living expenses in the foreign country for one year to prove your financial resources. A blocked account is a way of showing your financial standing, to show that you’re fully capable of handling your expenses for at least a year.

    The minimum amount that you should own to manage your expenses to study in Germany is set to be 11,208 EUR for a year. The reason for it being called a blocked account is that you can only access your funds or withdraw them once you’ve entered the premises of Germany. The German federal foreign office approves the account. Once your semester begins in the university, the students can withdraw a sum of 861 euros per month. If you want to withdraw a sum exceeding that number, you should own an amount of more than 11,208 EUR. The necessary amount to be added to your account is determined by BAföG, which is a state responsible for managing funds for students who want to study in Germany. If you wish to add or subtract the amount, you have to contact your embassy. Remember that you can’t make any changes to the funds once you’ve reached Germany. Students are also offered a bundle encapsulating health insurance and blocked accounts together, which makes for a more efficient option to opt for.

    To get a master’s in Germany, you have to provide evidence of your financial status. So whether you’re applying for a student visa or a student resistance permit, having a blocked account is a necessity for international students. In a nutshell, that’s what a blocked account refers to.

    When to apply for a blocked account?

    Opening a blocked account for international students to study in Germany, presents as timing with one of the biggest concerns for all. Most people struggle with a prolonged application procedure as the banks are overloaded with applications. Therefore, it is best to apply as soon as you receive your admission letter from the concerned university. The best element is that all of the accepted students are not delivered with the application letter at the same time, which gives you your individual space to apply in due time. In addition to that, you should start looking for a blocked account provider before the arrival of your admission letter in order to save more time. The entire procedure takes about two to three weeks at max.

    Where to apply for a blocked account?

    Numerous blocked account providers in Germany can help you with your admission requirements for a Masters’s in Germany.

    The bank providers that offer blocked account provisions in Germany are as follows:

    1. Coracle
    2. Fintiba
    3. Deutsche Bank
    4. Expatrio

    To get your application approved, you must complete all your documents. In addition, if you do not have any other proof of your financial status, you must add an amount of 11,208 EUR to your bank account, no less than that. Also, only a German authority can allow you to close your blocked account.

    Remember that not all banks offer the services of opening a blocked account for international students since the law doesn’t require it from them. It is at the bank’s discretion to provide such services or not.

    Blocked Account For Students To Study in Germany can be opened in various financial institutions above. To study in GERMANY, the following are the requirements that you need to fulfil to open a blocked account:

    • Choose a blocked account provider, and provide all the necessary documents for the application. These documents might vary as per your choice of bank account provider and nationality.
    • Submit an application form as soon as you’ve received your admission letter and chosen your bank account provider.
    • Deposit the required sum of 11,208 EUR by transferring it into one of the blocked account providers. Make sure to choose the country from where the payment is being transferred. The local bank will carry forward this payment.

    Some of the most important documents required to apply for a German Student Visa are:

    • Application form
    • Valid passport
    • University admission letter
    • A prepaid fee
    • A blocked account Certificate

    Opening a blocked account on admission to a German University requires you to be very careful as a considerable amount of money is involved. Therefore, you must equip yourself with all the necessary information from your consultant with regard to the procedure and rules involved. While these are contingent on the bank you choose, you must be fully aware of all of them.


    To study in Germany, you should prepare all your documents pre-admission to get started with the procedure of blocked accounts as soon as possible. Make sure to hire the services of an experienced best education consultant to help you with the process accurately. Choosing to study in Germany can be a bold step, but it is all worth it after you’re done with the preliminary procedures.  Have a great time studying in Germany in a Master’s program!

    Germany offers three types of visas for students. 

    1. The German Student Visa: for international students who have received admission from a German University for a full-time program. 
    2. German Student Applicant Visa: for international students who have to attend the university physically to apply for admission. 
    3. German Language Course Visa: for students who want to study the German language. 

    All other standard visa requirements and application processes stand. For a smooth and error-free experience, choose to follow the advice of highly trained study in Germany consultants during your visa application process.

    How Maven helps you?

    Maven Consulting Services is renowned for its industry expertise and start-to-end assistance. Our abroad education consulting service offerings are highly recommended for abroad studies in Germany.

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    How to Apply for Studying in Germany

    Getting started is easy! Our German education consultants are available to help you at every step of the process. We make sure to secure a seat for you at the best university in Germany. Our overseas education consultants will provide you top-class assistance to fulfill all the requirements to study abroad in Germany, which includes:

    Test Preparation

    Guided training & preparation for standardized tests like GRE/GMAT/SAT/IELTS/TOEFL.

    University Selection

    Expert guidance in making the right choice to pursue your dream course.

    University Admissions

    Proven assistance in every step to submit university applications and in securing your place in colleges in Germany

    Visa Consultancy

    Experienced Visa consulting and assistance to help you kick-start your transition to your new life.

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